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About Sremska Mitrovica
Official presentation of the City of Sremska MItrovica >> http://www.sremskamitrovica.org.rs
Mitrovica online info pages >> http://www.sm.co.rs
Forum of the City of Sremka Mitrovica >> http://www.smcity.net
Info Sremska Mitrovica, business address book >> http://www.sremskamitrovica.net
Sirmiuminfo, news from Sremska Mitrovica >> http://www.sirmiuminfo.rs

Schools in Mitrovica
Mitrovica Grammar School >> http://www.gimnazijasm.edu.rs
Primary and Secondary Schools Radivoj Popovic >> http://www.rpopovic.znanje.info
Petar Krancevic Music School >> http://www.krancevic.com
Other schools >> линк

Culture institutions in Sremska Mitrovica
Museum of Srem Срема >> http://www.muzejsrema.org.rs
Gligorije Vozarović Library >> http://www.biblioteke.org.rs/sremmitrovica
Srem Historical Archive >> http://www.arhivsrem.org.rs
SirmiumArt Culture Centre >> http://www.sirmiumart.org.rs
Other institutions >> link

М newspaper >> http://www.m-novine.com
Sremske Novine newspapers >> http://www.sremskenovine.co.rs
Special Nature Reserve Zasavica >> http://www.zasavica.org.rs

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia >> http://www.mp.gov.rs
       Serbian Fund for Young Talents
       Scholarhips and student loans by the Ministry of Education
Ministry for Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia >> http://www.nauka.gov.rs
       Calls for grant proposals

Petnica Fund for Scientific Education Development >> http://fond.petnica.rs
Zikic Fund >> http://www.zikic-fond.org

Mingle, info service for secondary school >> http://www.mingl.org
Student world >> http://www.studentskisvet.com
Infostud >> http://www.infostud.com
       Knowledge at Infostud >> http://znanje.infostud.com
       Entrance exam at Inforstud >> http://prijemni.infostud.com
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