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Atanasije Stojković Fund for work with talented children, awarding scholarships and rewarding students from the territory of the City of Sremska Mitrovica was founded in August 2005 with the aim of promoting and supporting youth in the field of education. That support is given by providing scholarships at different levels of education and providing financial support for education,  by organising additional lessons in several academic and scientific fields, and further development in established scientific centres in the country and abroad.

The Fund was founded by the Municipality, what is today the City of Sremska Mitrovica with support from schools, companies and and associations of citizens whose area of work is culture and education.
The bodies of the Fund are:
1)    Administrative Board of the Fund
2)    Director of the Fund and
3)    Supervisory Board.

The Fund also provides material support for participation in contest and knowledge olympics, as well  as all other activities whose goal is promote research abilities, publish scientific and professional works and publicise artistic creations. Apart from that, the Fund organises additional lessons for talented and gifted children in the fields of mathematics, IT, physics, chemistry, English and French, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Founding the Fund, and justifiably naming it after Atanasije Stojkovic, the City of Sremska Mitrovica decided at the same time to financially support and offer knowledge to young and creative people with great abilities so they can become the future of our science, but also in order to preserve the unjustly neglected memory of the first scientist from this region. Details from the life and works of Atanasije Stojkovic, as well as a short preview of his bibliography can be found HERE!

Over the past four years, the Fund awarded 52 annual scholarships to students from the territory of the city. Scholarships were awarded by decisions of the Administrative Board of the Fund, and in accordance with Article 2 of the Rules of the Fund for work with talented children, awarding scholarships and rewarding students from the territory of the City of Sremska Mitrovica and Scholarship announced every year in the local media. Monthly amount of scholarships before January 2008 was 10,000 dinars, and as of then it is 12,000 dinars. Scholarships are awarded for a period of one year, starting from the payment for October every year. More about scholarships of the Atanasije Stojkovic Fund, announcements and conditions of awarding scholarships can be found HERE!

Since its founding the Fund has provided more than 40 one-off awards for students from the territory of the city, as well as numerous awards for talented and gifted pupils and students. More detailed information about awards by the Fund can be found HERE!